Thursday, 6 October 2016

History of PeopleSoft ? What is PeopleSoft ?

Dave Duffield and Ken Morris founded PeopleSoft in 1987, when they engineered the company’s first human resources application. Built on a client-server architecture, their solution offered flexibility and ease-of-use to a class of users previously barred from simplified access to the information and capabilities centralized in mainframes.
By putting ease of functionality directly in the hands of users, PeopleSoft quickly assumed industry leadership status in human resources solutions.
This would be the first of many innovations that would transform the way enterprises do business on a global scale. In 2000, PeopleSoft introduced the Pure Internet Architecture®. Even today, it is the only pure-internet architecture with no code on the client.
It has enabled what PeopleSoft calls the Real-Time Enterprise. It allows organizations to connect people directly to business processes, eliminating intermediaries, inside and outside the enterprise. It creates unprecedented efficiency and lowers costs.
It provides businesses with an unmatched competitive advantage. The Real-Time Enterprise sets the standard for business performance in the 21st century, and PeopleSoft is at the forefront of enabling businesses to make this model a reality.
PeopleSoft was the world’s second largest provider of enterprise application software. PeopleSoft’s business solutions are built with the flexibility to fit your business today and the adaptability to change with your business over time.
A broad portfolio of applications with industry-specific functionality gives you unprecedented flexibility to optimize business operations and compete more effectively.
PeopleSoft is a worldwide leader in providing complete solutions for more than 24 industries—from industrial manufacturing and consumer goods to financial services, healthcare, and public sector organizations.
More than 12,200 organizations worldwide—from mid-sized manufacturing companies to the largest service enterprises in both the private and public sectors—are using PeopleSoft solutions to build stronger and more profitable businesses.
PeopleSoft applications are built on innovative and open technology, enabling easy integration with third-party applications and legacy systems. And PeopleSoft’s pioneering Total Ownership Experience initiative ensures the best overall user experience at the lowest cost of ownership.
Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California, PeopleSoft has 12,000 employees and annual revenues of more than $2.3 billion.






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